About Us

Atul Greentech Private Limited (Atul Greentech), an initiative by Atul Auto Limited (Atul) is the culmination of a 30-year legacy as a leading three-wheeler manufacturer.

What do we aim to achieve?

To be a leader in green automotive technologies, bring in innovative mobility solutions needed in the real world and play a key role in the universal adoption of EVs.

How do we deliver on our promise?

Every part of our electric three-wheeler from the connectors to the metal body is proudly made in India. We have leveraged our engineering strength to build intelligent and innovative end-to-end last mile mobility solutions.  

Our distributors and agents across the globe work together to provide a smart, safe and durable package to our customers.

What has enabled us to be the technology leaders in last mile mobility?

Atul Intelligent System (AIS) is our in-house designed telematic solution driven by data gathered from our electric three-wheelers. The seamless integration of the Battery Management System and Vehicle Control Unit with AIS allows for doorstep maintenance, preventive maintenance, driver education and communication and fleet management. AIS allows the drivers to reach out to us at any time at the touch of a button. 



Gurbeer Singh

Chief Executive Officer, Atul Greentech

Mr. Gurbeer Singh is the Chief Executive Office, Atul Greentech. Gurbeer, an esteemed automobile strategy connoisseur, boasts a vast and diverse portfolio encompassing the entire spectrum of the automotive realm, from inception to aftermarket support. His exceptional contributions to Renault's Asian market entry strategies and European after-sales networks have garnered him substantial recognition. As a driving force behind Atul Greentech Pvt. Ltd.'s technological evolution and manufacturing advancements, Gurbeer guides the company towards spearheading the last mile electric vehicle segment. His perceptive insights and far-reaching experience furnish him with a profound understanding of the critical elements required to succeed in this endeavor. Gurbeer is a multi-lingual international citizen who has lived and travelled across the globe to develop a good understanding of all the continents and cultures. He has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad & HEC Paris.


Divya Chadra

Managing Director, Atul Greentech

Mr. Divya Chandra is the Managing Director of Atul Greentech. He oversees the Electric Mobility Program. A dreamer with a long-term view but a hands-on approach, Divya is a visionary and accomplished lithium battery engineer. He has an extensive knowledge in advanced battery systems and a proven track record in battery manufacturing operations and installation. A distinguished authority in the field, Divya boasts an instrumental role in establishing the most advanced battery production line in India, complete with data and telematics integration. Possessing adept skills in Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Optimization and International Vehicle Regulations, Divya holds a Master's degree in Energy Systems from the prestigious Penn State University.


J V Adhia

Director, Atul Greentech

Mr. J V Adhia is a Director at Atul Greentech. With an impressive career spanning over three decades, he has an unmatched understanding of the three-wheeler industry in India . His extensive knowledge and expertise have enabled him to assume the responsibility of managing the finance function at Atul Greentech, where he has played a pivotal role in driving the financial strategies. Retail finance has been key in last mile mobility in India, J V Adhia experience in managing Khushbhu Auto Finance Private Limited puts him in a key role to integrate data-driven new technologies and retail finance AGPL.


Hiren Patel

Director, Atul Greentech

Mr. Hiren Patel is a Director at Atul Greentech. With an extensive experience of over 25 years in the automotive industry, Mr. Patel spearheads New Product Development, R&D activities, Supplier Risk Management and mitigation, Global Sourcing, Data Analytics, and leads the Supply Chain Department. Mr. Patel has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University and has contributed significantly to the development of diesel and Alternate Fuel Engines & vehicles for CNG, LPG, Diesel, and Petrol for Atul. He managed the Vehicle side Supply Chain in Atul Greentech.


Pratik Kedia

Director, Atul Greentech

Mr. Pratik Kedia holds the position of Director at Atul Greentech. He plays a crucial role in crafting and executing business strategies that propel the organization forward. He has an impressive background as a serial entrepreneur and 17 years of rich experience working with renowned companies such as J P Morgan Chase and Lykis Ltd. At Lykis, he notably made his mark as a category creator that significantly strengthened the company's presence internationally. Pratik has amassed exceptional prowess in market development and business growth. His qualifications are further enhanced by a postgraduate diploma in finance from University of Wales.